Glorious Wednesday! Fashion Blogs.

What do you know about fashion bloggers?  What do I know?  Well, I know that they tend to attract mega-followers and can influence the way a trend turns, for better or worse.
To name a few, you have, Facehunter, Because I’m Addicted, Stylebubble, le blog de betty, and Cupcakes and Cahsmere. The list goes on and on. And on. And on. Some of these blogs are obsessed with limelight and how style can push you into that, or how you can clone a celebrity style (who what where), and others seem to be speaking more directly about the human condition, intended or otherwise, and how style reflects that, in a “picture is worth a thousand words” sort of way ( The Sartorialist). In any case, if you find yourself on a fashion blog,  plan be there a while.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Autumn.  She’s an accountant in North Carolina and has been running a lovely fashion and lifestyle blog called Sitting in a Tree.  She approached me for help with freshening up her blog banner, sidebar, and making it function to her liking behind the scenes. We are working on a seasonal banner concept, so the illustrations will be rotating throughout the year. So much fun! Join Autumn and her style insights as she celebrates her one year blogoversary at the end of this month.

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