Glorious Wednesday! The Ol’ Foot in the Mouth Trick

Yes, I have been known to have performed this rather limber feat with my foot, from time to time. What can I say?  I have opinions … I speak sometimes before I really see my reasoning through. Inevitably, the diagnosis becomes: open mouth; insert foot. I’m getting really great at it. Mind you, with ipods and iphones, it was seemingly plain to me to see that the iPad was a bit gratuitous and unnecessary when it was first introduced. I didn’t get it. I do recall saying, in a rather public forum, to a friend, that the ipad is, well, lets say, more of a cash grab than a useful product.  I STILL do not own one, BUT, it’s ability to impress me is improving as I dig deeper into the realm of interactive literature.  This intrigues me. Of course, iPad is not the only tablet out there, but because Mac has loyal droolers, and it hit the market first, it is, by far,  the most popular.

The possibilities for interactive children’s literature are simply blowing my mind. I hope to explore this direction further. A few examples below…

Fun!!  This is not to say the traditional, tactile paper books are going to become obsolete. They are much to delicious to go anywhere.  That being said, I’m excited to embrace new technology in an age old tradition.

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