Glorious Wednesday! Escape From Illustration Island

Illustration by Mark Kaufman

Escape From Illustration Island is a great place for tutorials, resources, community building, etc … based on the thought that no illustrator (or any freelancer) need to feel isolated like, well, an island.


Portland, Oregon based illustrator Thomas James is the mastermind behind the site.  Along with informational and amusing podcasts, a wide collection of resources, tutorials and articles, the site connects a large community of illustrators from near and far via social networking sites – facebooktwitterlinkedIn.

And through this site, I learned about this great tool called Gravatar – a globally recognized avatar. You can link a specific image to your email, and whenever you use that email to comment on a blog/forum, that image shows up with it.  Cool!

And since this will be logged under ‘resources’ on this blog, let me add an article I wrote last year on marketing for creative types:
Un-Marketing for Creative Types

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