pencil sketch and digital watercolor

I ventured into Starbucks one afternoon while I was waiting for my daughter (at a birthday party).  After some awkward body language about who was next in a long line, I gracefully allowed a woman to go ahead.  Later, as I was sketching this, I realized this was the same woman who passive-aggressively encouraged me to be courteous in the line up.   Haha, was it uncomfortable for you – me staring at you for twenty minutes during this sketch?  I really don’t think she even noticed. Starbucks, at least this Starbucks, doesn’t really attract a chill crowd. But maybe that’s true of any place that dispenses to addicts.

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Julie spends much of her time paying attention to what's happening around her. At Design Inkarnation, she's head designer, illustrator, writer and creative problem solver.

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