Celebrating 90 Years of Julie

Remember my post about Julie on a Harley?   Well, my neighbour Nancy had the wonderful idea of throwing Julie a block party to celebrate her 90th birthday.  I have to say, Julie was completely surprised and so delighted.  We lined up on both sides of the side walk with helium balloons and, once she realized it was all for her, she broke into the cutest strut as though she was just called down to be a contestant on the Price Is Right.   90 balloons were given to her with much love and best wishes and she released them into the heavens as a symbol of her sharing her 90 years of wisdom with the rest of us. We did a bunch of research about latex balloons beforehand and used cotton string to make sure we were as eco-friendly as we could be.  Neighbours brought goodies and we all celebrated together on a beautifully sunny Victoria Day weekend.   Below are a collaboration of photos from myself and Nancy. We had fun!  PS: today is her actual birthday!


Happy Birthday Julie!  We’re so glad you are our neighbour.
Julie (the other Julie, you know, the one that’s me)

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Julie spends much of her time paying attention to what's happening around her. At Design Inkarnation, she's head designer, illustrator, writer and creative problem solver.


    1. Just beautiful, am so proud of having Nancy for a niece, she is the most thoughtfull person I have ever known, and gives so much of herself to others, and that is how she enjoys her life.
      Giving to others, way to go Nancy.
      Happy 90th. to Julie all the way from Drumheller AB.


      1. I absolutely agree. She is certainly one of the most caring people I've had the pleasure of getting to know.

    1. How wonderful! It looks like you are blessed with wonderful neighbours. Best wishes to Julie on her 90th year!!

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