Fit For Fall

A blog banner illustration fit for fall. This is part of a series of seasonal banners I did over the past year for momamusings. Check out her blog here: .

Fun, right?  And she was a dream to work with, too.  Below are the other banners we came up with over the year. 

If you are interested in creating a suite of seasonal illustrations for your blog, contact me and let’s talk!

More about Julie Prescesky

Julie spends much of her time paying attention to what's happening around her. At Design Inkarnation, she's head designer, illustrator, writer and creative problem solver.

    1. Seeing them all together like this makes me realize even more how wonderful ALL of the banners are. However, for some reason I am always drawn to the winter one…maybe because it was the first one and more sentimental to me!? Regardless, I can't thank you enough for all your talent!

      PS: Did you get my message regarding the logo?

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