Marlene Loves Choco Strawberry Coconut

I’ve been illustrating a series of smoothie recipes that my family and I enjoy on a daily basis. In reality, I’m not really a recipe kind of girl.  I’m more, a-little-of-this-a-little-of-that. But I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the concoctions we’ve found to be quite yummy.

We have a Vitamix blender.  A lot of people ask me about it.  It is, BY FAR, our most used kitchen appliance.  We love it.  In that spirit, I’ve become a Vitamix affiliate, which means FREE SHIPPING for you (a $25-35 value) should you order using my unique identification code: 06-008197.  Yay!  I ordered a reconditioned blender – it comes with all of the same things as the regular one, including the same warranty.  I’ve had it for a year and a half (I had a really old, from 1991, Vitamix before that), use it at least twice a day (yes, even in the dead of winter – I wear mittens, haarrr), and it’s still a marvellous beast, going strong.

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