Broccolate Romaine Smoothie

Broccoli was the WORST thing that could happen to me at dinner time when I was a kid. It summoned an instant gag-reflex which I had to repress under the stink-eye from my dad and the understanding that I was to eat what was put in front of me, no complaining.  I managed to choke it down dramatically at our family dinner table when my parents were near. At larger family dinners, though, things were different. Liberating, you could say. At my grandparents, all of the cousins sat together in a separate room from the adults.  You can imagine what happened. Sometimes broccoli got unceremoniously wrapped in paper napkins and shoved deep into the shoe bin for grandma to discover at a later date.  Sometimes we sat in the ‘sun-room’ where all of grandma’s gardening books were.  Let’s just say, as adults many years later, some of us grandchildren decided to investigate the books. Dried peas and corn tumbled out of the bindings, sending us into fits of laughter. Broccoli usually just got dropped under the table in an “oops, I spilled!” manner.  Lucky for the books.

So, even though, miraculously, at least one of my children LOVES broccoli (yes, I’m pretty sure she’s mine), I decided to concoct a smoothie recipe to encourage the consumption of this cruciferous necessity without the gag reflex. I have to say, I love Broccolate, and even my pickiest eater, my 8 year old, loves it. You do still taste a hint of broccoli, but it is, BY FAR, the most delicious way to consume it, in my opinion. Though, my aunt makes a pretty kick-A broccoli salad, I admit.

Give it a whirl and tell me what you think!


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    1. Well I've always been a broccoli lover but I do remember having to get rid of other veggies as a kid. I loved your story… hiding veggies in the books? Lol

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