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Since checking out this post at Once Upon A Sketch, I thought it was good motivation to get back to some character design of my own.  I love, love, love the simplicity of just starting with very simple shapes.  Check out the video on their blog, if you get a chance. My kids watched some with me. They went directly off to design their own characters as soon as they had a chance.  So much fun!

Once the shapes were in place, I let that dictate for me what the character would be like. Now, this was just an experiment for me.  I suppose that if I had already had a description of the character in front of me – their personality, their station in life – I might have approached the challenge from the opposite side. I would have to consider all of the information and decide what shape might suit it.  As it was, it was great fun to go at it with no prior information and see what came of it. This is more akin to what my writing process is like – just start writing with a vague idea of shape and see what comes of it.  So, this was really fun for me.  Probably not practical, but who needs practical.  ;P

Here are the shapes I began with:

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