You know when you look at a piece you did a long time ago and it just gets under your skin? It’s one that seems to get a lot of views on this blog, but the more I look at it, the more I, um, well, hate it. So, last night, I decided to rework it.

This is the work I had originally posted:

Click image to open a gallery of both images.
What I like about it:
I like digital collage element (I did in photoshop), the extra cupcake bleeding off the page, the size of her head – Harrr, BIG HEAD! I made it larger, than what I had initially drawn, in photoshop. 
What I do not like about it: 
The washed out, overexposed effect, the fact that the fabric collage pieces are not at all prominent. These two things are grating on me. Those, and the line quality. 
After I reworked:
Click image to open a gallery of both images.
I reworked the line with a thin sharpie, photographed it, paying close attention to how the light hit the skirt fabric, then brought it back into photoshop for some texture and colour adjustments.  I decided to opt out of making her head larger this time. I tilted the whole scene a bit to lend more to a chaotic energy. 
After looking at the two, before and after, together, I think I do prefer the wider open expression of the girl in first one.  I may go back in and fidget with it a bit.  Right now, I need some space from it. 
Do you find that some pieces just want to fight you all of the way?? When do you just walk away and let it go?  Maybe I have control issues. Or maybe it boils down to compulsions.  Whatever it is, it’s fun, until it drives me mad.  Then it’s AMAZING!  Then I’m exhausted.  The end. 

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