Something’s Afoot in Fairyland

This is the finished piece from the work in progress I posted earlier, for my Illustrative Painting Class at Syn Studio.  The narrative I had concocted to work from was simple and went something like this:

The Fairies’ fortified city is in harm’s way.  The damsel (perhaps the Fairy Princess) was wounded and is being taken for medical help. The main fairy, let’s call her Ermie (because, why not?) is ready for action. She will protect the place she calls home.  Fill in the blanks at your leisure. 

It was great fun, and yet, I’m so happy to be moving on to something else. I think I’m getting faster at execution, but this piece took a very long time. It was a great exercise in just getting over myself, though, so I expect I will be working more swiftly in the future.  Yay!

Currently, among other writing and design projects, I am working on an illustration for critique at the SCBWI conference happening here in Montreal in October.  Check out the brochure (pdf).  Many super-awesome-talented people will be there to mingle with and learn from. And who doesn’t want to hang out with super-awesome-talented people? You know you are one of them. Come hang out.

The Process of Making Something’s Afoot in Fairyland

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