Coconut Oil Chocolate Bites

I make these for my family all of the time. My kids devour them and my husband has declared them his most favorite chocolate ever. And they’re healthy for you!  Like, extremely healthy. Coconut oil is being touted as one of the best foods you can incorporate into your diet on a regular basis. I need not bore you here with the full details. A quick Google search will dump tons of articles into your lap about the power of coconut oil.

I decided to add a touch of sea salt after reading that salt can boost your metabolism, and therefore your energy and core body temperature.

The cayenne is for the same purpose, I suppose. Also, I saw on the film Chocolat that cayenne in chocolate can, you know, increase your passion.  Ahem. So, I just throw some of that in there for good measure. Why not?

Maple syrup is packed full of antioxidants. That’s what this Canadian site says. Listen to the Canadians. We know Maple Syrup.

Cocoa? The website, Metabolic Effect, describes it as:
“a power food packed with antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals and the building blocks of neurotransmitters and other “feel good” hormones; and a medicine backed by modern research with far-reaching implications for treating cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases. Some experts are even saying the health-giving properties of cocoa will potentially benefit public health equal to or more than antibiotics and anesthesia.”

Well, now you are asking yourself, “Why don’t I eat more chocolate?”  And now you can.  Real, delicious, healthy chocolate. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Vegan (unless you think maple syrup is really maple tree lifeblood) and super easy to make.

Some people apparently experience a small tummy upset when they first start introducing coconut oil to their diet (I did not, but a friend of mine did), so start with one chocolate a day and work your way up.  They are rich and filling, so you’ll feel satisfied after very few. You may have to hide them from your kids, though… fair warning. In your freezer is best – these little morsels will melt in your mouth AND in your hand, so pop ’em in quickly.



1 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2-3 TBSP maple syrup
1/8 tsp sea salt

pinch cayenne pepper

Mix all ingredients together with fork or hand-blender in high sided bowl.
Fill silicone ice cube trays or candy molds.  Freeze 10-20 minutes. Enjoy!

*Optional add-ins: shredded coconut, mint extract, rice krispies, instant coffee, nuts, etc.

Makes approximately 30 bite sized chocolates, depending on size of mold.

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