I Wish I had Facial Hair

Since my teenage years I’ve had this kind of jealousy over the whole ability of men to grow facial hair. It’s not the hair in itself that’s alluring, it’s the ability to be able to trim and sculpt it into whatever you want, on a daily basis (or thereabouts). So much fun, when you think about it. Women, we can do this with the hair on our heads, sure, (and elsewhere, ahem – have you seen that Schick razor commercial with all the manicured hedges?) but yeah, not as creatively fun, I should think.

For a while I toyed with the idea of cultivating a kind of goatee on my knee caps. Just because I’m a little more testosterone deficient than any man out there does not mean I need to miss out on all of the hair shaping fun to be had.  I’m sorry. Is this grossing you out?   Nah, come on. Real women aren’t afraid of hair. And real men aren’t afraid of hairy women. Am I right?

Stop it. I can see you cringing. 

Okay, I digress. The fact is, now that I’m getting older, there are a few little visitors on my upper lip that, surprise, surprise, I wish would just go away. And I help them do just that. Tweezers.  Maybe I’d let them stay if they were luscious and dense like the hundred acre wood – then I could actually get creative with them – but a few little stragglers are just, well, embarrassing. I admit it. It’s a social norm I haven’t yet been able to surmount (some of you are thinking, please God, let her not surmount. No surmounting). I’m a practical gal, and since they have nothing to show for themselves, they’ve gotta go.  Sad, I know.

BUT, Movember is upon us. Moustaches for mens’ health! And it reminds me of my inability to grow an awesome beard and/or moustache. So, instead, I will join a legion of my illustrator colleagues and produce one moustached sketch a day for the month of November. Starting with the one below. These fruits might have moustache envy, too. Maybe these guys want to see how it feels to be on the fuzzier side of things, just like the furry ol’ peach (who, as you may notice, was not invited to this party).  It’s nothing personal.

This was a great idea put forth by the talented Chris Jones, and he’s recruited a few of us to join him.

Check out these other contributions to the cause on these blogs:

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and me!

See you again tomorrow.  Check out all of my Movember posts at the click of a button.

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