Kids! Make a Collage Drawing

Step 1:  Find some magazines that you can cut up.

Step 2: Cut them up!  It’s good to think about what kind of parts you may want to draw in, and only cut part of that off of the magazine picture (see what I mean below).

Step 3:  Glue them down on blank paper (leave room to draw around them).

Step 4:  Draw!


 Notice how these pictures were cut in half – straight down the center of the people. That way, you can draw the other half of the person any way you like, but have half of the picture still there so you can look at it for reference.

Oh, cute unicorn baby.

Frankenstein loves his winter cardigan – I love his short legs.  Plush doggie loves Minecraft. And Santa? Well, he’s got issues. Maybe he should see a doctor for that really large hand. 

And that’s pretty much it. Hours and hours of fun to be had straight out of your recycling bin.  Do your grandma a favor and mail her one of your masterpieces, or send one to your BFF.


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