Make Your Own Hand Salve. It’s Easy!

Seriously easy. There is no need to go out there and buy all of those yucky high priced chemical products when you can make your own beauty products right in your very own home.  You can order the ingredients online, or go to your local health foods store and see what they have. Once you have those, it’s 15 minutes to natural beauty – and you can say you made it yourself!  You know this would make a fabulous holiday gift.

I love shea butter because it has staying power. My hands get REALLY chapped in the winter winds – cracked knuckles and all. But not when I’m using my homemade salve. The shea butter creates a bit of a moisture barrier on your hands, which serves as mild protection against the horrors of dish water, winter weather, and the like. Check out this website for list of shea butter benefits – much more than just moisture protection.

To avoid having too much on your finger tips (and prevent smudges on your touch screen devices) put a dab of the salve on the back of one hand and then rub both backs of your hands together, avoiding your palms and fingertips as needed.

I usually slather the salve on my hands after I crawl into bed and let it work it’s magic as I sleep. It’s a good idea to make a few containers full of this magic stuff to keep in the areas you spend the bulk of your time.

For containers, use glass jars – baby food, small mason, or jam jars work well. Metal containers with lids also work well.

Shea Butter Hand Salve
by Julie Prescesky
makes about 1/2 cup (175ml)

note 1oz = 28.34g

2oz shea butter (or on amazon)
1oz coconut oil (I bought mine at Costco – organic extra virgin coconut oil)
1oz beeswax pastilles or shredded beeswax (or on amazon)
1/8 cup safflower oil (or oil of your choice) (on amazon)
2 vitamin E capsules
10-20 drops of essential oil (research the benefits and hazards of oils before using, ie: pregos, beware)

I put about an inch of water in a frying pan and set a pyrex glass measuring cup inside. Make sure to let the glass cup warm with the water in the pan to avoid cracking.  When the water warms to a boil, turn the heat to medium.

While waiting for the water to warm, I measured out all of the ingredients and placed them in the measuring cup, one at a time. I started with the shea butter, but I don’t think it really matters what goes in first.  Except leave the essential oils for very last, after everything has melted.

The beeswax has the highest melting point, so it will be the last to melt. Once that is done, turn off the heat and add your essential oils. Stir. I used French Lavender and Spanish Rosemary. Sounds exotic and smells divine.

Pour the mixture in your clean, dry container and let sit until firm. Et voilà! You’re a superstar.

For a slightly less firm BODY BUTTER, try this recipe.

What are your favorite essential oils, and what do you use them for? 

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