Shea Butter Body Balm

I originally posted a hand salve recipe that uses the same ingredients that I think would be decent for a whole body application, too, and even a lip balm, but I experimented with portions some more and came up with a recipe with a consistency that  is slightly softer – which I  think works well in the colder months when room temperatures can be a bit frigid (yes, I’m in Montreal, -17 celcius this morning, that’s a chilly 1.4 fahrenheit for our lovely neighbors to the south) and you don’t want to spend too much time trying to warm up your salve in your hands before applying it to your body.

Plus, it’s main ingredient is shea butter, and lots of it. This website has lots of great info on the healing properties of shea butter.  And if you want the lotion to be even less hard/solid, you can add more safflower or extra virgin olive oil.  You can always make it, let it cool and try it out. Then, if you want it softer, reheat in a pan of water (presuming your container is glass or metal) and add more oil.  Play around with it. Only you know what you like. So, on that note, here’s what I like (see the hand salve recipe for specific instructions on how to do it):

Shea Butter Body Balm
by Julie Prescesky
makes about 1 cup-ish

note 1oz = approx 28g

5.75oz shea butter (160g) (or on amazon)
2oz coconut oil (60g)  (on amazon and can also be found at Costco)
1.5oz beeswax pastilles or shredded beeswax (40g) (or on amazon)
1/4 cup safflower oil (or oil of your choice) (on amazon)
2 vitamin E capsules (about 6+ drops)
20 ish drops of essential oil (research the benefits and hazards of oils before using, ie: pregos, beware)


Let me know your how it goes in the comments, or if you have any hits and tips, share those, too!



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      1. Hey! Not at all. I've actually even taken to adding slightly more safflower oil to keep it a little softer, especially in cold weather. And even in warm temps, it's a good consistency.

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