2 Easy Sew Hot Water Bottle Covers

Happy New Year to you!  How about a warm hug? This is a simple way to reuse a towel, blanket or sweater AND warm the body and soul.  We are cold right now in the Great White North (take off, eh). My kids like to tuck into bed at night with a hot water bottle. They can be a little hot to the touch, so we came up with these cute covers using an old sweater-like t-back tank top, and a towel.

 Pin on whatever design you’ve cut out to put on the front. 

 Place your hot water bottle on your fabric and use a pen/pencil/chalk to draw out your cutting lines. 

 Sew on your applique/design – I used a narrow zigzag stitch. 
 I cut the shoulder straps off where they met the neckline at the front. Sew a narrow hem on the front panel where you cut the straps, on either side of the neckline.
 Put right sides of your fabric together and sew along the side seams and the bottom.
 Clip the corners to avoid bulk when you turn it right side out.
 Turn right side out and tuck your hot water bottle inside.
 Fold the top part of the neck/t-back into itself two or three times, then fold the whole t-back section to the front over the top of the water bottle. Use the straps to crisscross in the back and tie in the front.
  Awe, so cozy.
You can also make a simple rectangle of fabric large enough to completely cover the hot water bottle (as I did with the white towel one below). Sew around three edges and hem the opening. Tack a length of ribbon on the center back (at the height of the neck of the water bottle), et voila!

My friend grew up without electricity and they used to heat rocks on the wood stove and place them at the foot of their beds to keep their feet toasty warm. No wood stove here, but hot water bottles do nicely. How do you warm up that first slip into cold sheets at night? 

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