Eat All Of The Food

So, I’m trying a radical new diet. It’s called: eat all of the FOOD.  I know, it’s mind blowing.  It goes something like this:

I wake up and eat and try to eat until I’m full. Nothing is off limits. Carbs, sugar, BACON, potatoes, whatever.  And make sure it’s good and salty and/or sweet.  I tell you, this “freedom” style of approaching eating doesn’t feel so free at first.

“What? You mean, I should eat those starchy high glycemic index hashbrowns? AND the bacon … and pancakes and eggs if I want??? Ummmm …. can I still have my smoothie? Yes!!!?”

Yeah, I know. Scary stuff. It’s so difficult to wrap my head around after years of low-carbing, low fat, low sugar, no wheat. Apparently I’ve broken my metabolism.

I’m sorry Metabolism. If I had only known, I wouldn’t have been such a bitch to you.

So, now I get to eat my face off (which I’m finding to be so difficult – first of all, because eating more means having to prepare more food, gah!  Eyeball roll.) and I need to actually LISTEN TO MY BODY. Biofeedback, if you need a fancier term for it. When I’m hungry, guess what? I eat. And I eat what I feel like eating.  Truth be told, I’m trying not to over do it – less is more, you know.  But wait!  Not in this “diet”. More is more. Your body gets to be the one to say whoa.

And the other crazy thing is that I only get to drink WHEN I’M ACTUALLY THIRSTY.  None of this sipping tea/coffee to stay warm, or out of addiction.  None of the smoothies at all hours of the day (sob). I should drink when my body says, “hey! Can I get a beverage over here?”

And then there’s all of this craziness about how sugar is not bad for you, and how we should be eating MORE salt.  What?  I tell you, my head spins all the way around, reverses and spins all the way back when I try to process it all at once.

Oh, and “throw away your scale” they say. That number on there is stoopid – so stoopid it doesn’t even deserve the proper spelling of the word stoopid. Well, I wish I would have thrown mine away. In the past, let’s say 6 weeks or so, of feebly starting to experiment with these principals I’ve gained somewhere between 5 and 10 lbs, and most of that was in the very beginning. Yikes!  My pants are all tighter and I’m squishier. I have to give myself a pep talk every once in awhile as a reminder that I’m taking one for the team. My poor body is so petrified that I’m going to stop feeding it again that it’s glaumed onto every little bit of food I’ve thrown at it.  The good news? The weight gain has slowed, or maybe even stopped!  Hallelujah. I’m still eating as much as I can when I feel hungry and snacking in between. The theory is that once my body is confident I won’t be starving it anymore, it’ll let go of the weight.  My core body temperature will be good and high, meaning my metabolism will be happy. Yay, for a happy metabolism.

So, this is my story, so far. Other than the initial weight gain, I’ve seen dramatic improvements in how my body handles the whole fluid exchange thing, and my hands and feet are generally warmer. So, things are happening in a good way.

Where did I find this crazy new-fangled, eat all of the food, diet?  Matt Stone. I stumbled across him one day when the all mighty light bulb came on in my brain as to why I was slowly gaining weight and never able to lose it. The scale was just creeping up, up, up at a snail’s pace, alarming me only because no matter how much effort I put into it, nothing was coming off. Blah!  So, the Light Bulb: Hey Julie, maybe you need to eat more food.  Haha, Light Bulb, you’re so funny. You should do stand up.

But, I figured maybe Light Bulb was on to something.  I had read a few blogs about Matt’s research and I came across a free version of one of his books (he puts them up free from time to time), Diet Recovery.  And after that, I bought another of his books, Eat For Heat (on sale right now). Currently, I’m taking in Diet Recovery 2, which is free on amazon until February 5th. Apparently he’s giving different titles away all month, so sign up for his newsletter if you want to stay in the loop.

You may be thinking that this is just a fad – and to tell you the truth, I haven’t made up my mind about that. Honestly, though, it’s no crazier than any other of the diets out there – it’s just that it is pretty much the complete opposite of everything you’ve ever learned about dieting. Eat the food! Just based on the hilarity of that thought, I wanted to try it. That, and, well, nothing else is working. I am my own science experiment.

Shall I keep you posted on my findings?

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    1. Very interesting!! Having recently experienced a similar weight creep and panicking accordingly, I can relate! I was eating well but as I have dieted lots in the past (low carb, low fat blah blah) I too figured I might need to fix my metabolism 🙂 Haven't seen Matt Stone's book (though I'm interested & will check it out) but we did the 28-day Fast Metabolism program & both of us lost the few extra lbs we had put on. I like when something makes sense according to science & that's what sold me 🙂 Also, eating is good – any program that embraces eating good, whole food is tops in my book ^_^ Looking forward to hearing how you progress!! 🙂

      1. Yes! It seems to make sense, like – duh! But it's so contrary to popular healthy eating mentality that it's hard to wrap your brain around at first. And the initial weight gain doesn't encourage a lot of confidence, but I'm embracing it and having faith that it's all for the greater good. Vanity aside, my body seems to be responding well, over all.

    1. I absolutely want you to keep us posted on your findings! This is the most fascinating thing I have heard in a long time. I have never put myself on a diet, even though there have been a few times over the years when my clothes were too snug, for I love food and the restrictions aren't something I am interested in. (Instead I typically pick up a newfangled exercise routine). So maybe, just maybe (but I have my doubts) my body was telling me this metabolism thing is the way to do it all along (without actually knowing it was really a 'thing' !? 😉 Best of luck, and I hope this catches on by the masses!! Maybe it will help to get rid of all the 'diet, light, no-fat, low-fat' crap that is out there – which is terrible for people to ingest anyway!

      1. I think you must have known the secret all along – even though you didn't know you knew! 😛
        I will tell you, the more I eat, the hungrier I tend to feel throughout the day, as this project presses onward. Can it be that my metabolism is improving and my body is requiring more?? That's the word on the street. We shall see.

    1. This is so fascinating Julie. I also feel like we've complicated eating and drinking to a ridiculous degree. No one knows what to do anymore. I will gladly follow you on your journey, heck, I may even join you 🙂

      1. Thanks Rosemary! Yes, I was always so overwhelmed with the dos and don'ts that my interest in food just wasted away. Eating just became a non-event. It would be nice to enjoy food again.

    1. I am definitely guilty of not listening to what my body is telling me when it comes to food and drink, which is probably why I need to lose about 25 pounds. I can't wait to hear more about your progress.

      1. Thanks for commenting! You know, even when I was really putting a lot of effort into listening to my body, I was armed with the wrong information, I guess. I ate less and less, and I gained more and more. So, who know what this new outlook will bring!

    1. This diet can be compared to the way my dog eats. I know what you are thinking, don't dogs just try to devour their food in one bite then look at you for more? Not ours. She eats to live, not lives to eat. Her dish can sit full or half full all day until she has spent enough energy outside to come in and finish it.

      1. yes! My dog eats in much the same fashion – only when she's hungry … or occasionally when the kids happen to walk past her with something tasty in their hands and she can manage to nip it when they are looking the other way. Too, tempting. 😛 Otherwise, she only eats when she is hungry and often leaves food in the bowl when she's satisfied.

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