Kids! Draw On Your Shoes

Canvas sneakers are perfect for this.

We took a pair of old Converse, and a pack of coloured Sharpie markers and went at it. You may need to go over your lines more than once to help them stand out, but you’ll figure out exactly what you need to do once you get started.


We placed a plastic plate inside the shoe to help make it a little more rigid and easier to draw on. 

You can have a plan, or you can just doodle, which is what we did. Four of us collectively worked on these two shoes. 

Do you have shoes you can draw on?  You can always try the thrift store, and throw them in the washing machine beforehand. In any case, make sure your parents are cool with you “defacing” (but I say, “enhancing”) your footware.

      Free at Craftsy – eGuide: Ready, Set, Draw! Illustration Basics for Beginners

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