Make A Sweater And Jeans Into Cozy Slippers

We’ve had quite the cold snap here lately, and none of that new fangled in-floor heating (our home was born in 1925). My daughter was in dire need of new slippers, so we combed through pinterest and came up with these. We found a free printable pattern at Prudent Baby (the pattern is here).  Or you can simply trace around your foot on a piece of paper and use the Prudent Baby free pattern as a basic guideline.

The foot/sole pattern says to cut:

2 Batting

2 Jiffy (see the Prudent Baby post to see what this is)

2 Lining

I ignored that and did (working with what I already had):

4 denim

4 fleece

For the horseshoe shape (place the pattern on a fold) I cut:

2 sweater

2 fleece

For the upper boot:

2 sweater (I cut about a 4-5 inch height and made sure the length would be nearly as long as the inside line of the entire horseshoe piece).  It’s good the use fabric with a bit of give in it (like wool and fleece).

2 fleece

What you need:

Place pattern pieces, thinking of how to get the most out of your sweater, fleece and denim. If I had a bigger sweater, I would have probably made the upper boot section taller  – maybe 8 inches – to keep the drafts out.

Clockwise from top left: 2 sweater, 2 each of fleece and sweater, 4 denim, 4 fleece, 2 fleece.

Pin the bottom of the upper boot section to the inside of the horseshoe, right sides together, as shown.

 Open up the horseshoe and continue to pin it to the bottom of the upper boot section. You may need to ease in a little extra length (this is where stretch fabric comes in handy – for me, the horseshoe shape was a bit longer than I wanted my boot cuff to be, so I eased it in).  Once pinned, sew together – about a 1/4 inch seam.

Open, and fold, sewing down the center back seam to close the boot shape.

Repeat with the fleece lining.

Right sides together, tuck the fleece inside the sweater section, pin and sew 1/4 inch seam around the top.
Clip your seam allowance corners to minimize bulk.

Flip right side out. These are you slipper uppers. 

For the sole, layer two fleece over two denim pieces for each foot.

Baste around the edges to hold in place.

Turn the uppers inside out and pin to soles, denim facing inside/upwards.

Sew around sole, 1/4 inch seam.
Turn right side out and admire your progress.
Add puff paint to the bottom for anti-slip. Let dry for 4 hours. 

And you are done!  Feel free to embellish with buttons or appliques. We didn’t. She couldn’t get them on her feet fast enough.  I have two more kids to get through and then it’s my turn for slippers! I can’t wait.
Do you try and upcycle your clothes?  Check out my upcycling/sewing pinterest board for a collection of ideas. 

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    1. Love these–great idea to use denim on the bottom. I put fake fur and batting in mine too. Thanks for sharing.

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