13 Delicious DIY Pendant Lamps

I have a thing about DIY lighting. I lust over it. I’ve made a few sculptural lamps a long time ago (a dragonfly and an elephant – sadly, no photos) with wire and various papers. Since then, life has been too busy for lamp making, but last spring I found this tutorial and made this coffee filter lamp:

This variation is so lovely, where the coffee filter tips were died first.

What about a concrete pendant?  DIY with a couple of pop bottles and some patience.

And isn’t this guy clever. He upcycled a bunch of tetrapaks and created this super cool effect. It’s like being in a spaceship. Sort of.

How fun is this? Just think of all of the electronic rubbish out there that could be transformed into quirky and beautiful industrial lighting for your home or office.

I love the rustic, minimalist feel of this twine sphere. I may try this one myself.
My mom used to drink Diet Coke like a boss. She kept a container on a shelf full of pop can tabs. We don’t consume pop much in my home, but if we did, you can be sure I’d make one of these. Too bad I don’t have my mom’s stash.
I expect that cats might enjoy this one. It looks like something that might be fun to bat around. I love the disheveled look.
Add a mystical touch to your decor with star pendants.  Also great for a garden party. I know, hang on, summer is coming ….
A variation on the coffee filter idea above. This is straight out of Martha Stewart land so you know it’s fancy. Easy peasy, though.
This feather lamp is actually made from plastic bottles. It looks so feathery when lit up! I was fooled.
Paper yarn lamps. I imagine you could accomplish something similar with twine or cotton string (if you wanted a monotone palette.
This feather pendant is, in fact, made from real feathers, unlike the one above. It’s full and fluffy and whimsical.
So, who says lovely and unique lighting has to be expensive. All you need are the right supplies and a little confidence in yourself.
Have you attempted a DIY lighting project in your home? Share your link below.


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