The Postcard Shuffle

I’ve started doing industry mail-outs a couple times per year. This year, I aimed for Valentine’s day because it’s sweet and sugary and I just happened to have a killer cookie recipe that my mom used to make every Valentine’s Day.  I like sending out illustrated recipes. I think it caters to the pragmatic side of my creativity.

I did a limited print run of 250 – and I saved 100 of them for you guys!  If you would like me to mail you one (so you can try out that yummy recipe – hint: it’s Butter Cookies … DIVINE) all you need to do is 2 simple things.

  1. Join my mailing list (do so in the sidebar where it says “Delivered to your inbox…”) I typically post once or twice per week. I respect your time.
  2. email me with your snail mail address. I promise not to stalk you or sell your info. In fact, once I mail your postcard, I’ll delete your address.  I respect your privacy. 
  3. Optional – for no other reason than if you want to – follow me on social media: facebook | twitter | pinterest |google+

That’s it!

The first 100 responses will get one of the above limited edition postcards in the mail, and a Canadian stamp.

Feel free to share this with your friends, and thanks.

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Julie spends much of her time paying attention to what's happening around her. At Design Inkarnation, she's head designer, illustrator, writer and creative problem solver.

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