Make A Handy Thread Display Board. Easy!

My family is part of a home learning cooperative here in Montreal. We’ve recently opened a workshop, an extension to our regular meeting place. We’re equipped with woodworking tools, pottery wheels, a kiln and sewing machines (including a couple industrial machines). We were in need of a place to store thread where it would be easy access. I scoured pinterest for ideas and amalgamated a few, coming up with this. 
bamboo skewers
peg board (we happened to have some scrap on hand)
-have it cut to size at a hardware store, or use a jigsaw or circular saw
glue gun and sticks
pliers or snippers
x-acto knife
fabric (whatever you desire. I chose a med. weight canvas)
 – enough to cover the surface of the size you’ve decided on (plus an extra couple inches to wrap around to the back)
hemp string for hanging
something to loop the string through – see photos.


Cut the peg board and foam core to the same size. The holes in the peg board will act as a marker for each skewer, so decide how many you want to have, and space them out according to your preference. 
Glue the fabric onto the foam core, trimming off excess at the corners to reduce bulk.

Glue the fabric covered foam core onto the peg board. 

These are the skewers I found. They don’t need to be this fancy. Regular ones would even be better, reducing the step of having to trim off the larger end.
With chalk, mark the holes on the peg board where you want to place the skewers. 
Jam a skewer in through each hole, so that you go through the peg board and through the fabric (back to front) just enough to mark on the fabric where you want to push through. I decided to do it this way, then remove the skewers and then push them from front to back, therefore taking the open fabric ends tidily with them inward, instead of having frayed edges showing. See below. 
back to front
Then front to back.

Clip your skewers to desired size. You can do this before or after you push them through the fabric/board. Make sure you clip the pointy end off, so you don’t have the narrow end where you want it to be anchored. 
Glue those suckers in. At first it doesn’t seem like it’ll be very sturdy, but once the glue dries, it holds well. And the combination of the foam and peg board is helpful for keeping things in place. Okay, sure, you can’t hang off of it, but it’ll hold those thread spools excellently.

We had these kicking around (maybe part of some kind of curtain system from Ikea? I can’t be sure). They were just the ticket for creating a hanging system. I’m sure you have something around there that you can fashion into a similar solution. 

I glued each along the top, in between the foam core and the peg board. 

Add string.

Hang it up!
Do you have another solution? Leave your link in the comments below. I have to make one for home, too, and I’m curious to see what y’all have come up with. 

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