Kids in the ‘Hood, Sketching

We’ve been out around St. Henri (Montreal) sketching during the last two weeks and I’m just so full of awe at how this group of kids has taken such joy in it. The parents, too. There is something to be said for getting together with pencil in hand, chatting and sketching our world around us.  You begin to notice things you hadn’t seen before, and what is familiar, you begin to see in a new way.

We’re continuing on with our Urban Sketching, Kid Edition, right up until the end of the school year. Stay tuned for more great sketches. 
Yesterday we sat out front of Caserne de Pompiers – an old Art Deco building converted into a fire station.  
And the week before, Atwater Market. Two young women met in front of me with their dogs.
Urban sketching, atwater market, Julie Prescesky
One parent told me that her daughter has been stopping to sketch all over their neighborhood since first joining us last week. How fantastic!
How about you? Got pencil?

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