Make a Straw Bale Garden

This will be my third or fourth year doing this. I came upon it one spring and I haven’t looked back. Check out Joel Karsten’s site for information and download his latest guide book, and I promise you, this is the most satisfying weed-free gardening experience.

Here’s a little snippet from his about section on why to try straw bale gardening:

Growing a successful vegetable garden is difficult enough if you have terrific soil to plant your garden into, but with poor soils it can be virtually impossible.  Straw Bale Gardening allows anyone, even those with the worst soil conditions, to grow a terrific garden that is productive and much less labor intensive.  For anyone with difficulties bending over or doing the heavy work that is usually involved in turning the soil and digging to plant and harvest crops, the raised height of the Straw Bale Garden makes those chores obsolete.  Harvesting potatoes means simply knocking over the bale at the end of the season and picking them up, no digging required.   Weeding will also become a thing of the past, there are no weeds in a Straw Bale Garden.  Stop spending money buying containers, building raised beds, and buying special planting mixes.  Minimal maintenance resulting in maximum production, through Straw Bale Gardening.  It will completely change everything you thought you already knew about gardening.  Try this method and I assure you that soon you will understand why this is the perfect way to grow a vegetable garden.

I’m about to plant my garden this weekend, but here are a few photos from previous years.


Happy gardening!


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