The Flowers at Atwater Market – Urban Sketching with Kids

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Another outing with our young urban doodlers. We had a lovely visit to the garden shops at Atwater Market. It was a perfect destination as we were under threat of rain.  The kids buddied-up and wandered among the plants, stopping to observe and draw whatever attracted them.

Sometimes we let ourselves become immobilized by visual complexities. It happened to my son the first time out, and to a young girl this time ’round. I sat next to her and explained she could choose any ol’ thing to start with. We chose a cinder block. We broke down the lines. We held up our pencils to get the angles right. Suddenly things seemed possible to her, and she zeroed in and drew. And wouldn’t you know? She progressed to the more complex geraniums resting on top of the blocks. It became a beautiful little sketch.

This one even has a collage element.  

Looks like this one above could digest something meaty ….

So far, it’s been great. Our little group has been growing. We seem to tend to do little sketch sessions of about 20 minutes each before moving on to the next location.  The kids are tuned in for the first session, absolutely, and then attentions start to waiver. Mixing up the location helps, and we keep things flexible. Enjoyment is paramount.

Until next week …

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