Place St-Henri with Urban Sketchers, Kid Edition

Our time out last week was a bit condensed, but we went out and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. We wandered down toward the St-Henri Metro Station and found a shady place to perch. 
St-Henri was established in 1685. 

The area, historically known as Les Tanneries because of the artisans shops where leather tanning took place, was named for St. Henry via the Église Saint-Henri, which at one time formed Place Saint-Henri along with the community’s fire and police station. Nearby, the bustle of a passenger rail station was immortalized in the song “Place St. Henri.”

 Find out other super interesting things about the borough here.

Mother and daughter sketching together.

On recommendation of one of the parents, we decided to sketch the passers-by. The catch was that they were, well, passing by. It’s hard to sketch things in motion. So we decided to focus on just one aspect of each person as they passed, and attempted to create one (or more) whole people out of a bunch of people. This was pretty fun.

And, of course, there was no shortage of freedom of expression. 


This is my rather rushed sketch. I took photos to finish it later, but who knows if that will happen!

So, that’s a wrap for our official Urban Sketching with kids series. We’ll be casually meeting from time to time over the summer and I’ll be posting here when we do!
Thanks for following along with us. Get out there and sketch your neighbourhood. 
Don’t forget to check out our recent feature on the official Urban Sketchers website.

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