The Birds and The Bees Slip On Slippers

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First, start with this pattern from Prudent Baby.  I’m a size nine and I could have added a few more millimeters, but it’s a pretty decent fit. You can use this pattern as a guideline if you need to make a different size.  Keep in mind at least 1/4 inch seam allowance. 
My fabric choices. These are all bits and pieces I had laying around. I haven’t bought fabric in ages. I’ve promised myself I’d use up much of what I have first! What’s funny is that after I made these “Bee Slippers” it dawned on me that the lining fabric has birds on them. Hence, “The Birds and The Bees Slippers.” Oh, I’m hopeless.
Sew strips of black fleece onto your yellow fabric (I used corduroy). Make sure your yellow fabric is big enough for the outer slipper (see next photo).

Not shown in the above photo is the insole lining (the one I cut of the birdhouse fabric above). 

Layer your fleece, other optional insole fabric and denim and stitch them together.

Now, stitch the center backs of  all of your horseshoe shaped fabrics together, separately. For some reason I failed to photograph this.  Above, notice I’ve attached the lining bottom/sole to the upper horseshoe shape, right sides together. 
Do the same for the outer fabrics, right sides together, to make the outer shell. Turn the outer shell right side out and tuck it inside the lining shell so that right sides are together. 

Stitch around the upper edge, leaving a small opening and turn it all right side out.

Press your upper edge for a nice crisp line, and top stitch all the way around, leaving a small opening big enough to easily fit your elastic and safety pin through.

Now, stitch a second line below the first, far enough down that it won’t be too snug to slide your elastic and safety pin through (you are making the elastic casing).  No need to leave an opening in this line.
Measure your elastic so it is a comfortable fit around where your slipper opening will rest and snake it through you newly made casing.  Try it on! Secure the ends and stitch up the casing opening.

I added some buttons just because – the best reason to do anything. 

Super comfy and they stay on my feet. You can choose to apply puff paint to the bottoms like I did with these slippers, or just keep as is. 
I know it’s summertime, but all of the time is slippertime. 

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