Urban Sketching with Kids: Lachine Canal

This time we wandered down to the Lachine canal. The weather was amazing and the docks were open. We tucked ourselves in behind a grand building, dating back to the mid 1800s, that had a lovely courtyard with plenty of flowers and some ornate statues. 
Marc Taro Holmes joined us for the afternoon. He helps organize USK:MTL (Urban Sketchers Montreal), whom I had the pleasure of joining a month ago.  He’ll be writing a post about us on the USK:MTL blog. Yeehaw! I’ll let you know when that goes live. 

Everyone seems to be settling into the idea that they can, in fact, draw. It’s such a wonderful thing to behold. Some of the kids still say things like, “Oh, I’m not very good” when showing their work, but we’re working on helping them shed their self-doubt.  I’m so very proud of how far they’ve come in just a few short weeks. 

These two happened to draw the same electrical pole from opposite sides.
This was done, very quickly, by a parent after she got a quick pep talk from Marc Taro Holmes about loosening up and not being afraid of the details. I think this is one of her best sketches so far. Yay!

I sketched the kids as they sat atop the lion statues overlooking the canal. 

As we were leaving, this man showed up carrying his paddleboard and his dog close behind.
The dog was very rambunctious, I’m told (as I missed this part), and the onlookers were doubtful this little arrangement was going to work. But, once they were aboard, the pooch settled right down like he was absolutely meant to be there. And off they went, to the delight of all of us.

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