DIY Chalk Board with Fabulous Vintage Frame

I was walking home from the market one evening and spotted this foxy velvet painting on the side of the road with a bunch of trash. I considered it awhile and an elderly gentleman walked by and said something to the effect of “oh, you don’t want to pass that one up.”  Haha!  He was right – but not for the seductive velvet painting. I wanted it for the frame. 
I brought it to our community workshop and a few lovely girls volunteered to help me transform it. They started by removing the velvet covered chip board.

They carefully ripped off the glued-on painting.

Two girls sanded the excess glue off of the board. They primed it and painted it with a homemade chalk paint. We used this recipe and used a very dark blue paint. We used drywall powder because we had it on hand.

The red velvet ribbon was scrapped off the front, and it was all given a light sanding.

It was then primed and spray painted. We did these separately, but look! You can do it all at once with this Rust-Oleum spray paint. We finished it with a couple coats of clear coat.  Once dry, we secured the chalk painted board back into the frame.

We found some scrap pieces of wood and made an A-frame to secure to the back of the vintage frame with hinges.  I have few photos of this step. We made an “A” with two wider boards, and braced them with top, middle and bottom crossbars. We secured some twine between the middle bottom of the vintage frame and the middle bottom of the A-frame. This made sure our sign wouldn’t do the splits.

And, wouldn’t you know, it’s delightful.

Have you found trash and converted it to glorious treasure? Let me know in the comments.

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