Make a Pallet Lemonade Stand

As a community fundraiser we thought it a good idea to build a lemonade stand to take with us to the Montreal Mini Maker Faire last month. 
We found a pallet project on pinterest – just check out her beautiful photos. We had easy access to pallets at the neighboring business, so we gave it a go. We changed it up a bit, adding a wrap around counter, salvaged from a table top that had recently been broken. 
Below is a smattering of photos show the kids hard at work, some adjustments we made,  and, near the end, the easy Chalkboard recipe we used. 

We stapled  thick, dense cardboard panels (that we had on hand) to the front and painted them white.

We made simple braces on either side.

We placed a shelf inside for extra cups and other supplies, and added the table top, cut out and fixed together to create a horseshoe shape. We used thin plywood underneath to join two cut pieces together.  We fixed the counter top to the pallets with metal L brackets – two in front and one on each side.

DIY Chalkboard Paint:  

I keep going back to this site for chalkboard paint recipes. We used the Calcium Carbonate recipe ratios, but used dry wall powder because that’s what we had on hand. Worked like a charm.

The recipe is:

  • Dissolve 2 tablespoons Calcium Carbonate Powder (or dry wall powder) into 1 tablespoon water.
  • Mix well into 1 cup black or dark blue latex paint. 

We used Bistro Markers to write in our price lists, but please note, it left a bit of a ghost layer behind when wiped off. We thought it was worth it for the vibrancy of the colour – and we’ll just repaint with another coat of chalkboard paint if we want to reuse the boards. Easy peasy.

It’s perfect and wonderful with regular chalk, though.

We added a cover over the top to protect the kids from the hot sun. It’s a crazy zoo-themed sheet, but life with kids is kind of like a zoo, yesno? We has to cut openings in the front sides of the counter. We started by drilling holes, and finished with a jigsaw. 

We added a pallet (with the gaps filled in) as a step in behind the counter. The counter top is pretty high up!

We had to dismantle it for transport, but re assembling it was quick (less than 10 minutes).

We had a successful lemonade/bake sale and the kids loved helping out. 

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