Urban Sketch – Vinet at Notre Dame

I’ve been spending a lot of time on this corner lately. It’s where I come for quiet time – to edit my novel and work out various illustrations. It says Vinet at Fauteux on the painting, but that’s where I was sitting. The image is of Vinet at Notre Dame.

The building with the dark brown facade contains a Starbucks and I head there knowing I have anonymity, for now, and I don’t have to ask if they mind me hanging around there for hours at a time. It’s in a burrough of Montreal that’s about a 5 minute drive/half hour walk away from my own. You wouldn’t think that’s a significant difference, but in my head I think it helps me to be removed a bit from the thought that I could just flitter home on a whim, like I fear I would. Heading to the next burrough is an intentional committing to the moment for me; locking in my attention. If I stayed in Verdun, it’s just a short walk home, and the omnipresent To-Do List may reach out to me and call me back. St-Henri/Little Burgundy seems to be just beyond the reach of home’s distractions, and that is why I head there. Sure, there are other coffee shops around, and I’ll likely start to explore them. It is nice to help support local shops, too, after all.

Later this week I hope to head out with my kids and their friends to do some urban sketching around Verdun and explore the shores of the St. Lawrence River, so watch your inbox. If you want to sign up to my email list, check the sidebar for that.

Thanks for coming to enjoy my journey with me!

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