Urban Sketching With Kids: Verdun

As you know, from time to time a group of friends, kids and adults, meet together here in Montreal to try out some urban sketching. We decided to meet near the St. Lawrence River in Verdun this time.

This is described as “A rich guy’s fountain”. Fictional, but based in reality.

I’m not sure where this little sketcher saw this critter in the park, but it looks awesome.

This is of a community centre and slide nearby.

The water feature/spray park shown above.

Trying out some aquarelle pencils. Lovely colour combos.

 This is hilarious. The kids decided to try sketching while sliding down the slide. Here, Thomas attempted his name and it ended up looking more like Chinese characters.

Swings are always fun! Some great shading here.

As always, we enjoyed hanging out and drawing and rewarded ourselves with a quick swim at the nearby pool afterward. What a fun way to spend time with friends.

You should give it a try.

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