We Draw Animals

Kathy from We Draw Animals contacted me with the idea of creating a custom tutorial for you.

I requested a Honey Bee – because, as you may know, we are first time beekeepers this year.

In five easy steps, you too can draw a honey bee.

Check out her website for tutorials on how to draw a zillion different animals. This is such a great resource for teachers and homeschoolers. At the bottom of the site, you can access a bunch of different categories of animals, each containing some interesting facts and a load of tutorials. She has also compiled an e-book (free) for ease of use.

Now excuse me while I go explore her section on Rainforest Animals.  Oooh, that Asian Hornet looks like a Ninja among insects.

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Julie spends much of her time paying attention to what's happening around her. At Design Inkarnation, she's head designer, illustrator, writer and creative problem solver.

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