#Inktober 1 – Ink Sketches All Month Long

This afternoon it was brought to my attention via my illustration social circles that there is such a thing as #Inktober.  Last year I participated in Movember, which was a lot of fun. You can see those in my blog gallery here.

So this year, I’ll give #Inktober a go.

This morning I accompanied my children downtown Montreal to Radio Centre-Ville where several of our homeschooling friends were putting on their weekly French radio show.  Each week, the kids write little pieces on current events and interests and read them aloud on live radio, mixed in with music of their choice.  You can find the recordings on https://www.monpetithebdo.com.

I jotted off a very quick sketch through the window in the control room.

The huge gangling spider-like contraption in the center holds all the microphones.  Here, three children were talking about current events, one of which was a take on the Teacher’s Strike in BC. It was followed up by Pink Floyd’s We Don’t Need No Education, chosen by an 11 year old. Sigh. If you homeschool your kids, well, it’s all kinds of funny and not at all inappropriate (avert your eyes BC teachers – we do love you). 
I used a cheap pilot pen and water. 

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