Goal Setting Continued

This is a continuation of my last post where I  provided you with a free goal setting worksheet – a kind of “goals at a glance” worksheet, if you will.

This particular worksheet focuses on the foreseeable steps you will need to take to accomplish those goals. Simply look at your first sheet of goals, pick a few you want to get started on right away, and write down each step you will need to take to see it come to fruition.

For example, I am revising a novel I’ve written and I’m nearing completion. I would like to find a literary agent. My steps might look like this:

1.Research agents | Deadline: January 31
2.Make a shortlist of agents | Deadline: February 5
3.Research how to write a query letter/synopsis and write them| Deadline: February 10
4.Submit Query Letter and Synopsis to agents | Deadline: February 14
5.Follow-up | Deadline: March 14

You get the idea. And the best part is putting that check mark in the box next to each one as I complete it.

You can find the step by step worksheet HERE.

Best to you in your goal setting journey!

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