SCBWI Montreal 2015 – Warm Fuzzy

What a weekend!

The problem with these conferences is that they go by too quickly.

I was grating cheese for Taco Tuesday tonight and I noticed my thumb feeling tender, right on the side of the joint. Such a weird feeling. It suddenly occurred to me that it was from the insane amounts of note taking I did on Saturday during sessions with Linda Urban, Cheryl Klein, and Bruce Coville.

Hélène Boudreau talked about her path to publishing her latest book, I Dare you Not to Yawn.

I was so impressed with all of them. Their passion and knowledge, and how they connected with us was wonderful.

I usually attend SCBWI conferences as an illustrator, but this time around I decide to go for the Novel Intensive Track. I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for a few years now. I’m in revisions and this weekend was exactly what I needed to give me that extra boost.

The critique circle at the end on Sunday was pretty great, too. I love hearing what others are working on. We are so diverse. And imaginative. And crazy.

The main thing that I always walk away from SCBWI events is faith in humanity. Truly. I have yet to meet someone there that wasn’t a sincere and warm and beautiful person – some quirky, some boisterous, some quiet, all genuine. I’m always left with a sense of awe at the children’s publishing industry.

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