5 Kid Approved Sewing Projects

Last week I ran a sewing day-camp for kids at our community centre. Mostly, boys and a few girls, aged 4-14 (the 4 year old was accompanied by her mother, who ran the camp along side me). Here are the projects we tackled together.

Day OneFreezie holders. Since we ended every camp day with a freezie after clean-up, we thought this would be a good starter project. It also helped give us a feel for how comfortable the kids were with hand stitching and machine work.  We opted to leave the bottom open, so that the kids could slide the holder up and down the length of the freezie as needed.

Also – we prepared fabric for the following day’s project with the Freezer Paper (butcher paper) technique of stenciling.  We used butcher paper and acrylic paint, which has pretty good staying power once dried and heat-set with an iron.

Day Two – Wallets.  We converted our newly stenciled fabric into these fun wallets. They are easier than they look!

Day Three – Design and Make Plushies. The kids drew thier own creations and we converted them into plushies. For the faces we used felt and Heat n Bond.  Easy peasy.
Day Four –  Water Bottle Holder. For the sake of getting everybody through this project in time, I made the straps beforehand and they chose from two different colours, blue or black. I also found that I needed to take over on the sewing of the round bottom onto the side pieces – this was a bit tricky for the kids. 
Day Five –  Pencil Rolls. I modified this tutorial, making it a bit more involved, by lining it. I felt that the kids had come so far with their skills by this time, it would be a shame to take the “easy route” when, with just a bit more effort, the results were so much more polished and satisfying. 

This roll can also be used as a holder for crochet needles, utensils for camping, paint brushes, etc. One of the boys went camping with his family this weekend, and I got this picture by email this morning:
Most exciting about last week’s camp was seeing the pride and thrill the kids had in creating their own fun and useful items. 
Try these kid tested projects with your own family and help them feel empowered. 

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    1. Super Julie, c'est vraiment très beau! Je regrette de ne pas avoir inscrit Maelle à ce camp… Elle aurait vraiment aimé ça.


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