The Bitty-Q

Essentially, this is a review of The King of Random’s Bitty-Q.  My youngest son has watched this video over and over and over. Finally, we got the supplies and made it.

First, wear gloves. We didn’t cut ourselves, but there were many opportunities.

We found a suitable can, not Mike’s Hard Lemonade, but a tall 99 cent Nestea.  We found U-bolts and hinges, and improvised on the rest.

We cut through the can mostly with regular scissors, but also had tin snips to get through the thicker parts.

So, prying apart steel U-bolts with the sheer power of your own force is not an easy thing to do unless, you are “Captain Random”, as my husband calls him.  It feels like something that could be accomplished while burning pallets down by the river just before you smash an empty beer can against your forehead.  Alas, it wasn’t for our delicate city hands.

So we did this, because, science.

We took two spindles from our deck that were just laying around (an ongoing project, don’t get me started) and wedged them in and pulled them apart, forcing the u-bolt to widen (notice that we are widening the back u bolt in the photo). Easy peasy. No beer cans were harmed. No pallets were burned.

We worried about ripping the can, so we didn’t pull too hard. Thus, the Bitty-Q legs are a bit like new-born Bambi trying to stand. Sturdy enough if you angle them out and place it down, but they are collapsible, to a degree.

My son was educated about the long line of “cussing-while-fixing-stuff” men that preceded him as his father fiddled with attaching the teeny-tiny hinges to the can.  My son and I prepared the coat hanger.  He sanded and marked with a sharpie, and I bent the dang thing.  You can find the grill template here.

We used an old coat hook for the Bitty-Q lid handle. Why buy when you already have? It just takes a little imagination (which happens easily if you severely dislike shopping, as I do).

It turned out not too bad. It’s a death trap, to be sure, but it looks alright.

We did BBQ dinner on it last night. I forgot just how long it takes to get charcoal to a premium BBQing state. Forever. That’s how long it takes.  But once we achieved embers, we were off to the races. We managed three hot dogs before the embers burnt out.

I’m not sure if we will bring this on our next camping adventure, but it’s a good possibility if it survives that long.  
Have you tried any projects by The King of Random, or other maker/lifehacker?  Post your links in the comments. 

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