Upcycled Slippers

I’ve made these slippers before. You can see the tutorial here, and all my various slipper making posts here.

This round of slippers is for my three bambinos. Winter is upon us, and they are finally old enough to care if their feet are cold. For the longest time, they’d rip around the house barefooted on cold floors, slippers be damned.  I’d make them some and one would always get lost, maybe under a pile of lego instruction manuals they never used but I was never allowed to get rid of. So, I rejoice when I see them wearing their new winter comfort footwear, which seems to be pretty regularly.

For these slippers, I dismantled old sweaters, blue jeans, and fleece blankets.  No need to visit a fabric shop – you probably have everything you need at home already. Okay, maybe you could pick up some puff paint to create non-slippery soles.  I use Tulip brand, it dries well and stays put.

I also cut them out some felted wool inserts that they can slip into their slippers for extra warmth, or put them in their shoes for some extra insulation.  Just cut up an old wool sweater that you’ve washed and dried (defying the what it says on the fabric care tag) so it’s shrunken and tight like felt.  Simply trace around your child’s foot and cut it out. Easy peasy. Inexpensive. Warm.

Go make some. These would make a great gift for someone you love.

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