Easy Sew Slip Cover For a Piano Bench

We are borrowing a wonderful keyboard piano from some friends while they are away for six months in France. We had it only one day before my husband looked at me and said, “The cat is going to destroy that bench. You saw what she was like with our leather couch.”  MmmHmm.

I immediately set to action. I grabbed some jacquard fabric I happened to have on hand.

Materials needed:

Fabric – enough to cover the bench and and extra to fold a couple of inches around the bottom.
Safety Pin

*Tip: How To Get A Straight Edge on Jacquard (and other fabrics).

This works for any fabric that you cannot simply snip and rip to get a straight edge. Use on jacquards, linens, brocades and any delicate fabrics that might stretch out and warp if torn.  

Step One – snip in the direction you want to create the straight edge.
Step Two – find a loose thread or two inside the snipped area.
Step Three – pull the thread gently. As it comes loose, it’ll leave a beautiful straight line across the width of the fabric.
Step Four – cut along the line.

Bench Slipcover Tutorial

Drape the fabric, wrong side out, over the bench top and pin each corner as shown in the images below.

Sew each corner along the line of pins. 

Flip the fabric to right side out. 

Trim the edges so that they are the same length all the way around. 

Trim away the excess fabric at the corner seams.

Turn up the hemline/bottom of the cover to make a casing.  First, I finished the raw edges with a serger, but if you do not have such a machine, you can first fold under a 1/4″ and iron, then fold again another 1/2″ and stitch close to the fold all the way around the hem to make the casing. 

Leave an opening in the casing and feed your length of elastic through using a medium/large sized safety pin to inch it along.

Place the cover, right side out, over the bench and pull the elastic so that the hem tightens around the bottom.  Pin the elastic at the desired length, remove the cover and sew the elastic together, trimming off the excess. 

Slip the cover over the bench and enjoy. Easy to slip on, easy to slip off and wash. 

And look, kitty likes it too.

Find more practical and easy sewing tutorials here.  Leave links to your own sewing tutorials in the comments section. 

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