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My husband has a story from his childhood about one fateful March day when he hopped on his bmx bike at his rural suburban home, with just enough money in his pocket, and cycled an hour in the pissing rain to the nearest McDonalds to buy a much desired Shamrock Shake. He spent all of his money and with his prize in his hand he strode back outside looking forward to his first delicious sip. As he stepped out the door, he slipped on the wet step and the cup plummeted from his hands to the concrete parking lot and exploded in a spray of minty defeat.  He had no more money and far too much pride to go back in and grovel his case to the McDonalds employees (who I am almost certain would have just given him a new one for free). That was in the 80s.

To this day, whenever St. Patrick’s day draws near, he tells us of the day he almost had it all, and then he didn’t. Just. Like. That.  And for the past few years, he’s taken our kids on Shamrock Shake pilgrimages to McDonalds around the ides of March, for nostalgia’s sake. But he has yet to successfully procure a Shamrock Shake in the last five years. It’s crazy, but they are always sold out. We went today, five days before St. Patrick’s Day, and were told they were sold out and expected no more for the year. Seems unreasonable to me, for such a big organization, but considering the expense ($3.69 each, in Canada) and the lack of any redeemable nutritional value, it wasn’t so heartbreaking to just buy a bucket of ice cream on our way home.

My youngest son and I came up with our version of the Shamrock Shake. I can say, without hesitation, everyone enjoyed it tremendously.


Mint MilkShake / Shamrock Shake

(This makes enough for a family of five and I used my Vitamix.)
Use dairy substitutes as needed.

  • 20 generous scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 2.5 cups milk
  • 1.5 tsp mint extract
  • 16 drops green food colouring (or, a handful of spinach will certainly do the trick without noticeably altering the flavor)
Not rocket science, but certainly a lot cheaper than Mickey D’s at about $1 per 500ml serving. That’s almost 17 oz each for my American friends.  And think of all the calories saved, too. The McDonalds shakes are, not shockingly, insanely packed with empty calories. This health site pretty much breaks it down into all of the gory devilish details, if you care to know them.
Who needs fast food restaurants when you can fast food at home.

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