Upcycle: Add a Spin Lid to A Mason Jar

I drink a lot of smoothies. One of my favorite add-ins is Great Lakes Gelatin. It’s empty now and, of course, I could just recycle it, as I often do, but reusing packaging is even better, if I can manage it. So it got me wondering what I could use the canister for. I thought maybe I could use it to store pencils, but it might be a pain to shake them out, and I’d likely break a lead or two.  Would the effort really be worth the frustration?  I could cut the cylinder in half and use each half to start some of my garden seeds in.  But it seemed a shame not to take advantage of that spin lid.

I have a lot of mason jars kicking around, and it dawned on my that the spin lid might actually fit in a wide mouth mason jar. Well, it does, fairly easily.
What do you need?
  • spin lid from packaging (like from the gelatin I mentioned above)
  • a wide mouth jar
  • a butter knife
  • a wide mouth metal canning band
Pry the spin lid off the top of the packaging with the tip of a butter knife. Ease it around the entire circle or you may chip the plastic if you put too much pressure on any one spot (as I did in three spots, but it did not compromise the effectiveness of the project, so fear not if this happens to you).
Once off, give the spin lid a good clean and dry it thoroughly.
Fill your jar with whatever ingredient you wish to be easy-pour – in my case, granulated sugar – and firmly press the spin lid into place. You may have to use the butt of your hand to whap it a bit to get it all the way it. It’s a snug fit, which is great.
Screw the metal band on. Really press down as you twist it on and test it by lifting the jar by the band only to make sure it’s securely screwed on.
And that’s it! Now you have a fancy mason jar dispenser for ingredients of your choice.
There are so many interesting things we have kicking around our modern lives. This is just one small example of a simple way to reuse what’s already in my our immediate environments. Next time you go to toss something in the recycling, ask yourself if there’s another way it can serve you.  Okay, I know you may run the risk piling up a “to be used at my next creative brain-flash” pile in the corner, so let’s not be unreasonable here, but at the very least, let’s be open to new ideas as we move through our daily consumer habits.
Do you have some great upcycling tips? Let me know it the comments.
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