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The above is at the corner of Laurier and Parc, yet again, but this time facing what I imagine is east (I am horrible with directions, pathetic, in fact, so don’t take my word for it. Apparently if I played more video games, I would improve, but I digress).  It was the first bright and warm day of the spring where I could comfortably sit and sketch outside without gloves or other winter paraphernalia.  It was heavenly.


From city to country …

I had the good fortune to spend last weekend in Saint Côme, QC – about an hour and a half north (east-ish, I think). I was raised in the countryside in British Columbia and, while I do love Montreal, it’s so nourishing to get out into the sticks.

This is of a property on the main stretch through the town, not far past Camp Richelieu where we stayed.

Saint Come, QC

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