From Blogger to WordPress In One Giant Leap

Okay, so not ONE leap, but not really that many more, and I suppose, if I actually knew what I was doing, I may have done it in one mighty leap.

As it was, my blog was down for a few days. I had some issues with the A-Records  and they can take a whole 24+ hours to propagate. I found a lot of tutorials about how to switch seamlessly from Blogger to WordPress if I was installing on a new domain name, but I was installing on a domain name that I already had pointing at Blogger, and I found it very difficult to figure out all of the correct steps to make the switch without going offline for a day or two. It meant having to install WordPress on a temporary domain, which was straightforward enough, but then switching it over to my freshly-detached-from-google domain name is where I ran into problems, mostly because I was lacking the correct A-Record, and beyond that, I had had my domain looking for the WordPress install in the wrong place in my directory.

On a good, non up-to-my-armpits-in-technical-BS, kind of day, there are an embarrassing number of tabs open on my browser. But the last few days, well, let’s just say it was alarming, like I had some sort of compulsion that made me open tabs, but never ever close them for fear that something horrible might happen. And I was afraid to close them, for each one had some sort of breadcrumb that I could feebly follow. My hosting is with Netfirms, and they have zero documentation on how to do this. I’ve left a suggestion about this on their “customer survey” voicemail. I’m tired of breadcrumbs.

I think I’ve sort of figured it out, and I will write as concisely about it as I can (disclaimer: I just bumbled through it), but I would like to try it on my other blogger blog first and see how it works out before I go and start handing out advice. It’ll be a couple of weeks before I get to it, but in the meantime, let’s talk about why I made the switch to WordPress.

First, let me say that I’ve LOVED Blogger. It’s very user friendly, fast and it’s Google. Love, love and love. And I hung out there for several years, mostly happy. I had attempted a WordPress site a few times along the way but the back end seemed clunky and confusing and not at all intuitive. I hated it. SO MUCH. Plus, to top it off – it’s soooo muuuuch slooowwer than Blogger. I can actually feel myself aging every time I press “update” on a post. It’s that slow.

It really just came down to the galleries function in WordPress for me. That was the tipping point. Blogger galleries have to be hand coded – or you can buy some ugly carousel java thing that sucks up all of your time making you load pictures then looks like poo on your site. I ended up going the handcrafted route, and that’s just a whole lot of time, and staring at all of that code is hard on the eyes, especially when your coding style is trial and error, like mine. Because the nature of my business means I handle a lot of images, galleries are a big concern for me. It’s actually pretty silly that it took me so long to just get over my fear and loathing of WordPress and switch over.

So, here I am. I’m still going through things to iron out the glitches – like, when it ported my content and images over, all of the top images in each post were made featured images, so when you click on the post, you see two of the same image, one after the other. Silliness. There may be some plug-in to correct this, but I’m just going through them the good ol’ fashioned way – one at a time. So, if you see this in a post, do not be alarmed. I shall get to it. Eventually.

I feel like my brain is absolute mush after fiddling with the technical ass-end of WordPress for the last several days (years? Oh god, it feels like longer). But I do have some creative updates coming.

In the meantime, if you’ve had experience with the Blogger to WordPress shit show, I’d so love to hear about it in the comments.


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    1. Welcome to the world of WordPress!! It’s funny, you are the first person I’ve known who actually likes Blogger!?!? I wouldn’t trade WordPress for anything. I find it so user friendly, and have never had a problem with speed. I promise you will learn to love it too.

      1. Haha, I’m sure I can’t be the first blogger lover ever. But, yes, the learning curve is starting to level out a bit and WordPress is growing on me.

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