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I just love working with friends, don’t you?

Recently I had the joy of working with some great folks I met over 10 years ago when I first moved to Montreal. They are genuinely some of the best people I know.  A couple of years ago they decided to sell their city home in Montreal and move to the beautiful coastal community of Sackville, New Brunswick, home to Mount Alllison University and show stopping sunsets.

Tourism New Bruswick describes Sackville as “a book to be read, a marsh to be wandered upon” and sings its praises for peace and contentment, Sackville’s shipbuilding heritage and carriage making, and plentiful cultural events.

Ron and Janice Melanson had been visiting the area every summer, for years, with their 4 children and their big lovable dog Henry, spending much time at the beach and visiting Ron’s childhood home. Now that their children are grown, and Henry peacefully at rest, they decided to make the move to the Maritimes, permanently. They bought a huge gorgeous old heritage home in the heart of Sackville, walking distance to shops and the university, and have been converting it into a charming Bed and Breakfast. Find it on Airbnb.

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They know hospitality, they know food, they know fun. And I can vouch for that personally. They’ve taken my family in in the past when we were relocating to Montreal from Ontario, and more than that, they welcomed us with open arms and incredible generosity, as our transition ended up being a year long adventure – my husband living with them full time while in Montreal for work, and then all 5 of us, plus dog, when our home finally sold in Ontario and we were all able to make the move and buy a home in Montreal. That was an intense year for us, and they helped smooth our way.

They also have great taste, so when they asked me to design their logo, I was thrilled and honored. The basis for the design comes from the landscape – the rowanwood tree is plentiful in this area, and beautiful. Janice wondered if we could also incorporate the crow without making it seem Hitchcockian.  I think we did great! The crow, coupled with the rowanwood branch and the soothing night sea tones works wonderfully together.

We settled on a logo and worked out a vertical and horizontal format.


Logo design Julie Prescesky

Logo design Julie Prescesky


And business cards :

by Julie Prescesky

You can find The Rowanwood on Facebook and Instagram.

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If you are looking for a truly relaxing and enriching vacation, head to the east coast. Stop by the Rowanwood for a stay.

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    1. Great design…simple, yet elegant. And I love the look of the Bed & Breakfast. Charming indeed! I would absolutely love to visit New Brunswick one day, and the description of Sackville has me placing it at the top of the list.

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