Urban Sketching at an 18th Century Market

One of the many things I love about Montreal is the yearly Pointe-à-Callière New France 18th Century Market. It is great – so fun loving and historical. There are people scattered all over the place decked out in 18th century clothing, from soldiers, to magistrates, to peasants and farmers, to common thieves and pirates. There was just so much eye candy everywhere I was compelled to try and sketch as rapidly as I could.


Quick sketching folks at the Pointe A Calliere 18th Century Market today. #uskmtl #urbansketchers #Montreal #drawing #watercolour #watercolor

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I did these drawings and some colour on site and added yet more watercolour when I got home.

I am trying to convince my daughter that next year we need to arrive in costume because – how awesome would that be!!? Of course, everything is in french and a lot of the fun and games I don’t fully understand, but you don’t necessarily need the full understanding of the language to grasp what’s going on. When a peasant woman shakes an onion in your face rattling off something very quickly, you come to figure she wants you to buy it. But no, she actually wants you to take a bite out of it – yes, like an apple. Mmmm. No thank you, charming, crazy woman of New France. She wandered around with that onion for quite awhile. I’m not sure anyone took her up on it.

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