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Little Marshmallow Penguins

In the maker spirit of this combined (art and maker) blog here’s my rendition of a pin that came across my path on pinterest the other day right around the time I was having small anxiety attacks over having to make a whack of cupcakes to send with my son to school for his birthday. Don’t ask me why I turned to penguins, nor why they seemed like they’d be less daunting to me. It’s not even that cupcakes are hard, though, the fancy icing thing stresses me out. It was more about the problem of transporting them without mucking them about. I know I could get one of those fancy cupcake carriers, but really, we don’t often have cupcakes, and my cupboards are already filled with various kitchen items I rarely, if ever, use. So, the penguins seemed attractive in that I could just chuck them in a cookie tin and send them off. Very appealing. And it was fun as heck.

I made a few adjustments to the original recipe. I used huge campfire marshmallows. For the eyes, I didn’t bother looking for googly eyes – I bought white chocolate chips and used a fine paintbrush to dab some of the melted semisweet chocolate onto them for pupils.  Easy peasy.  I used Hershey’s Kisses for hats, and also found some Carnaby Roasted Coconut Marshmallows (looks like Canada only for those) that looked like toques and I think they work nicely.  Just look around the grocery aisles. Who knows what fun and wacky substitute you could come up with. Something like these peppermint marshmallows could be made into hats in a pinch, too.

The original recipe recommends to let the chocolate base coat dry then use the still melted chocolate to affix the eyes and beaks. I didn’t bother waiting. I dipped a few base coats at a time and then went back and plunked the eyes and beaks in place while the chocolate was still soft. They held great.

They were a big hit in his class, and a nice alternative to the trusty cupcake. Give them a try. They’d make a great last minute holiday treat, and a project kids would love to help with.

Happy Penguining!

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