Quick Sketching at the Opera

Yesterday I sat in on a dress rehearsal of the comic opera, Ruddigore, also known as The Witch’s Curse, by Gilbert and Sullivan.  This, being performed by The Lakeshore Light Opera, who donates proceeds from their performances to charity.  They placed a call out to sketchers on the Urban Sketchers Montreal facebook page, an invitation to come sketch, and I couldn’t resist.

I did drama all through highschool, and some extracurricular theatre, but didn’t pursue it beyond that.  When I stepped into the behind the scenes bustle of sound, lighting and costume checks yesterday, I felt an almost painful nostalgia for something I once really thought I loved – young love, that it was. Here I am, a couple decades later and I haven’t done much to nurture that love. I’d all but let it die in the neglected corners of my life. Over the years, I had it in the back of my mind that when I became more organized with my time (at some undetermined juncture), I’d maybe look into getting involved in it again. But it always seems so far off when I think about it in that capacity.  In many ways, though, I’m there, at the theatre, performing, when I’m writing fiction, which I’ve been doing more and more of. So, I take hope – it’s still in me.

It was so much fun for me to sketch snippets of the characters as they move through the rehearsal practicing their staging and exercising their crystalline operatic voices. It was fairly dark, so I sketched by the low light of my cell phone, and came home with a well earned headache.

All the lines were done on site, and some colour, but given the lighting situation, I waited until I was home to finish up.


platinum carbon pen, and watercolour (Windsor&Newton), on Fabriano cold press paper.

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