#OneWeek100People2017: Day ONE

That’s the challenge issued by Urban Sketchers, Marc Taro Holmes and Liz Steel. It’s designed to get us out there to exercise our sketching muscles, have fun and try and drop any notion of good or bad, success or failure in any given drawing. It’s meant to encourage us to just let go and rediscover the joy of drawing – at least that’s what it means to me.

I went out in Verdun today, in below zero temperatures, and my fingers froze (it’s hard to sketch with mittens on), but I got my first twenty in.  I stood outside Station W Cafe on Wellington and considered going in to warm up, but the sight of (always super interesting looking) hipsters lined up at the front windows was just too charming to pass up. I did manage to add colour to this little scene, but once I moved along to the corner of De l’Eglise and Wellington, in front of the huge, glorious church, my frozen little popsicle fingers let me only go as far as line drawings (I added the Payne’s Grey wash later).

I ran into a fellow sketcher on the street around the time I was frozen right through. I wanted to hang out and draw a little longer, but such are the perils of sketching outdoors in winter in Montreal.

I’ll be posting my daily sketches of people on Instagram – @juliepresceskydesignink. Find others, too with this hashtag, #OneWeek100People2017.



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